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In My Mother's House 



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"Individual memories are precious material for the reconstruction of historical memory as well as the construction of the thick network of "postcolonial" identities and subjectivities of which we are all part [but] how can we separate the emotion of personal memories and family pieties from the pitiless judgment of historical memory?
Yet I believe this is what [this] documentary does best: the will not to forget, the memory quest, can indeed be gently and effectively reconciled with the enriching human dimension of reuniting two families, two worlds, two histories…a reminder of what often separates, and sometimes brings us together". 

Massimo Riva
Professor Italian Studies, Brown University

"An insightful and moving tribute that places in focus some of the enduring paradoxes of European colonialism in Continental Africa.  Reconstructing history from hindsight: for those who did not want to know about the past. Even now, as LF probes, there are silences. The words Courage, Consideration, Connections, come to mind."

Anani Dzidzienyo
Professor of Africana Studies, Brown University

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